Solar Panel Scan

Today, many leading companies recognize the advantages of energy generation through solar panels. Corporate Social Responsability (CSR) as a marketing tool is increasingly common. Critical consumers set high standards for the source and production of their purchases. Governments are also coming to agreements about sustainable procurement policies. Large businesses and institutions are now required to carry out an energy audit. Crucial to this is the reduction of energy use, and sustainable generation of energy!

MSB Solar Panel Scan

The purchase of a large-scale solar installation requires considerable investment and therefore it is wise to carry out a thorough preliminary audit. Our partners are specialized in the construction of large-scale solar panel installations. They are familiar with all the important aspects of this process.

A Solar Panel Scan will quickly give you insight into:


Inventory of current energy consumption
– Energy consumption during peak hours
– Energy consumption during off-peak hours

Required amount of solar panels
On the basis of your energy consumption, we calculate the amount of solar panels needed to benefit optimally from the energy that can be generated by solar panels.

Yield expectations
Radiation calculations of your location by yield charts throughout the year.

Suitability of your roofMOD zoninstraling grafiek
– Type of roofing
– Shade
– Surface
– Altitude
– Positioning

Suitability of your meter box

– Is your meter box suitable for the connection of the installation?
– How many amperes does your connection support?

Visual layout plan of the solar panels
Digital planning of the solar panels on your roof.

Funding possibilities
– Are you eligible for some type of funding or subsidy?

Tax benefits
– Are you eligible for a type of tax deduction?

Return on investment
On the basis of the savings on your energy bill, depreciation, subsidies and tax benefits, we calculate your return of investment.

Reduction of CO2 emissions
On the basis of the generated amount of kW/h we calculate your reduction of CO2 emissions.

Investment budget
Our advisor will discuss the inventory of the solar panel scan with you, and provide you with an offer by one of our partners.

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