Energy Audit EED

Large enterprises in the Netherlands are required to carry out an energy audit. This should have been done before 5 December 2015. This requirement comes forth from the European EED (Energy Efficiency Directive), determined in 2012 by the European Commission. How can you meet this audit requirement? And, more importantly: how can you benefit from the energy audit?

Energy Audit EED

We are happy to help you carry out this audit!

Why carry out an energy audit?


With the energy audit, you gather up-to-date information about the energy consumption of your business. This includes buildings, processes, installations, transport and heat. Furthermore, we map your potential energy savings. With the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED), the European Commission aims to motivate companies and institutions to save (more) energy. This audit must be repeated every four years.

Which companies does this audit requirement apply to?
Do you have an enterprise of over 250 employees? Or does the enterprise have an annual turnover of €50 million or more, and an annual balance sheet of €43 million? In that case, the energy audit applies to you.

The requirement does not apply to some businesses, as they already carry out a standard audit. For example, companies that participate in the Multi-year Energy Efficiency Agreement 2001-2020 or the Long-term Energy Efficiency Agreement for ETS companies are exempted. Also companies with an ISO 50001 certificate or ISO 14001 with additional ISO 14051 certificate are exempted from carrying out the audit.

Clear and detailed
If you rely on My Sustainable Business to carry out the energy audit for you, you can expect a clear and detailed overview of your business’ current energy consumption .Furthermore, you will receive a list with specific savings you can make, with indication of costs and return on investment. Together, we will elaborate an action plan to achieve substantial energy savings in the coming four years. MSB has all the expertise to investigate all areas: buildings, processes, installations, transport and heat. You will always have one point of contact; we take care of the total direction.