Mobility Scan

One dashboard for all your information. All journeys in one clear overview, with all costs, the total distance travelled and, of course, the distribution of journeys in categories.

MSB Mobility Scan

My Sustainable Business maps your mobility using the Livemobility App. This application automatically recognizes your choice of transport and divides this into bicycling, public transportation and car. Everything to truly understand your daily mobility decisions!

Sustainable mobility starts with personal insight

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My Sustainable Business will cooperate with Livemobility to arrange a test environment for you. You can use this test environment free of charge for a period of one month.

After this measuring period of 1 month an advisor will visit you to discuss the report.


With this report, you will get an overview of the following:

  • Distance travelled per user
  • Distance travelled per means of transport
  • Insight into travelling times
  • Total CO2 output of your mobility
  • A better classification of your mobility


Advantages of the mobility app:How_does_livemobility_work

Communication tool
By using Livemobility you indicate that you find it important to receive accurate data immediately. You can discuss your transport choices with your colleagues quickly and easily, for example so you can carpool. The app allows for low-threshold communication with private and group messaging. Send your colleagues or managers simple messages about mobility.

Go back in time using the Timeline
Here you will find all journeys. Each journey will show you information on point of departure and arrival, distance travelled, CO2-output, duration, the kind of mobility and status of the journey, sorted by date. If an error has been made when adding a journey to the overview, you can use the browser application to edit it. You can also delete the journey by clicking the X-icon. This way, you stay in control!

Carry your travel expenses aid with you at all times!MOD mobiliteitsscan iphone
The most important aspect of Livemobility is your smartphone. Keep your phone in your pocket or bag and experience the comfort of automatic travel expenses registration!

Employees can claim travel expenses
You don’t want to worry about travel expenses claims. These are matters of secondary importance which you don’t want to spend time on. Livemobility takes care of the data compilation. You will never forget to claim expenses for a journey again. All journeys can be found in one place. You can easily add a tag to inform your manager for which journey you need to be reimbursed. Make distinctions between business and private travel. This way, you can keep an overview of all costs, but your manager won’t be able to see your private journeys. Livemobility will make suggestions to tag a journey as private, commuting, or business travel. That means you only have to check these. This liberates you from complicated business travel claims!

Downloadable travel list for tax additionsLivemobility_mobiliteitscan mijnonderneming duurzaam
If you travel a lot, for business or privately, you might have a large amount of journeys in your overview. The Livemobility mobile app only shows you total amounts, but in the browser application you can easily find any specific journey with its journey number. View, edit and export all your journeys. Tag your journeys and send all commuting and business travel to your manager!


Brochure MSB Mobility Scan