Energy saving no longer non-committal for SMEs!

Newspaper headlines are telling us daily that there is a growing degree of obligation for SMEs in following energy-saving recommendations and becoming more sustainable.

  • “Energy performance inspection mandatory starting 2016”
  • “Government to force companies save energy”
  • “ Energy companies obliged to inform customers on energy saving possibilities under penalty of heavy fines”Energie akkoord mod

Under the pressure of the Energy Agreement degrees of enforcement are increasing. SMEs that consume over 50.000 kw/h of power and/or over 25.000 m3 of gas can expect a visit of an inspector. Investments in energy saving with a return on investment of 5 years or less are required to be carried out. This will specifically be enforced by the inspectors.


MOD Licht scan

Office environments are obliged to carry the energy label “C” before 2020. This will also be enforced. Starting the first of October owners and/or users of office spaces are required to replace classical lighting with energy efficient lighting (read about our Lightscan).

Expectations are that by the end of 2016 the the so-called EPK  (Energy Performance Inspection) is implemented for SMEs. The Energy Audit is already obligatory for large companies. The EPK must be carried out 3 times a year. This report must map all energy flows and contain a plan in order to reduce energy consumption. It must also indicate which saving-investments have a return of investment of less than 5 years.


MOD Startscan

To prevent any discussion with the inspectors of the ‘Omgevingsdienst’ it is wise to start now.  Our My Sustainable Business Start Scan will help you convince the inspector of the fact that sustainability is already one of your priorities. This Start Scan provides you with a clear overview of your energy consumption, saving possibilities, investment prices, return on investment and CO2 reduction.

Be prepared and start now!

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