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Most businesses opt for our Start Scan. This way, no time is wasted and you can start saving immediately.

MOD Startscan

Start the My Sustainable Business Start Scan now

Since 2014, most businesses opt for our Start Scan. With this scan we quickly identify how you can save most energy. This way, we don’t waste time and start directly!

  • Gain insight into which sustainable solutions are right for you
  • Drastically reduce your monthly energy costs
  • Contribute to a sustainable planet
  • Outsource this trajectory to a professional team

With our Start Scan, we can quickly gain insight into your business situation and consumption pattern. From this information we can infer which solutions are best for your business and analyze your savings potential.
This often means:

  • Low investments
  • Large savings
  • Quick return on investment (ROI)

Is it hard for you to see the wood for the trees?

A Start Scan will quickly give you gain insight into:

  • Annual consumption (gas and electricity)
  • The share of lighting
    – Which type and how many light sources you currently use
    – Your current annual consumption- and maintenance costs
    – Good alternatives for your light sources
    – Potential savings on maintenance and energy costs
    – Required investment for new lighting
MOD startscan tablet mijn onderneming duurzaam
Your investment for the Start Scan is €299,79
  • Indication of the amount of solar panels needed
  • Indication of the amount of trees to be planted for CO2 compensation
  • Indication of funding possibilities
  • Indication of return on investment
  • Possible subsidy or funding schemes for your location
  • Two trees planted in our CO2 compensation project

After your request for a Start Scan, one of our employees will carry out an intake with you.

As soon as the Start Scan has been worked out, your personal advisor will visit you again to discuss the results.

After that, you can decide on your next steps yourself.

Join and help us create a more sustainable planet today!

Furthermore, with our CO2 compensation project we plant two trees for each scan we carry out.


MSB Start Scan