Light Scan

Research has revealed that SMEs annually spend over €725 million too much on energy, only due to their illumination. 90% of all companies and organizations use so-called classical lighting. By replacing those with energy-efficient illumination, you can save up to 70% on your lighting costs. The My Sustainable Business Light Scan visualizes all saving opportunities for your location! In cooperation with several lighting partners we will provide you with custom-made solutions.

MSB Light Scan

If you invest in solutions with a return on investment which is shorter than the warranty period, you don’t run any risks.


The light scan provides you with an overview of the following factors:

The light sources and luminaires you use currently:
• Amount of luminaires and light sources
• Current replacement price
• Energy consumption of current light sources
• Amount of burning hours of current light sources
• Suitability of current luminaires

Alternatives for your current lighting:
• We propose a suitable alternative for each light source
• Amount of burning hours of new light sources
• Purchase price of new light sources
• Energy consumption of new light sources
• Warranty conditions

The amount of CO2 emissions saved by replacing the light sourcesgroene-lamp-mijn-onderneming-duurzaam
• CO2 savings in kilograms per year
• Indication of trees to be planted for CO2 compensation

Your potential savings on maintenance and energy costs
• Comparison of old and new light sources
• Savings in percentages in comparison to old lighting
• Savings in kw/h per year
• Savings in € per year
• Savings on purchase costs
• Savings on maintenance costs

Required investment
One of the MSB partners will provide you with a suitable offer for your investment

Tax benefits
• Information about possible tax deduction

Financing possibilities
• Through one of our partners we can offer you suitable funding
• Repayment through your monthly savings

Return on Investment
• Based on the savings on your energy bills
• Tax deduction
• Regular depreciations

Your benefits:
• Clear overview
• Due to the integrated approach you are often entitled to extra investment deduction
• A separate inventory of light sources for each space

MSB Light Scan brochure