Energy check

Reduce your energy costs now!

It is always a good idea to get a second opinion. We are happy to help you choose a new energy supplier.

This way, you always get the best rates.

Are you paying too much for your energy?


During our company visits and scans in the past years we have noticed that many entrepreneurs pay too much for their energy.

Businesses often think they are getting the best rates by making their own purchases or by using joint buying organizations. However, we have noticed that 70% of the businesses pay too much, and they can cut up to 50% on their costs.

It is thus sensible to re-examine your energy bill.

My Sustainable Business has developed a scan to map all the cost components to your energy bill.

The cost of your energy is made up of various components. Aside from the bare purchase price, you pay energy taxes, sustainable energy storage, and the standing charges of your energy company. There are also costs for transport. These depend on the capacity of the connection, standing charge, contracted capacity, real transported capacity, taxes, fees and metering services. A part of these costs is determined by law and another part is negotiable.

The MSB Energy Check will provide you with an overview of the following components:

  • Your total gas and electricity consumption
  • The capacity of your connection (e.g. 3x80A). Is this too high, and therefore too expensive?
  • Do you have several energy meters on your company premises?
  • Which metering service do you use? (only large-scale consumption)
  • What are the costs of your energy?
  • Contracted capacity/real transported capacity.

In the Energy Check report we will advise you on the savings opportunities of your business. Entirely free of obligation, we will request a quotation from the provider that best fits your energy use.

The MSB energy check costs only €150,-

In the case it turns out that you cannot save any more than you do, the Energy Check will remain free of charge.

Of course, you can also request a (non-binding) offer for your location directly.

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